Our Homemade Christmas Tree

Well, it is more like a Christmas tree arrangement… but it works for us.

Philip had a great idea to pick up Christmas tree branches from a tree stand to bring some Christmas into the house without spending a fortune on a live Christmas tree. I decided to take the branches and arrange them to look like a Christmas tree. Or at least attempt to make them look like one. I first picked out some branches I thought would make a nice tree top. I held them together by tying them with brown sewing thread and placing them in this simple green vase that I had on hand.

I then went around the base placing branches and attempting to arrange them in a Christmas tree shape. I wasn’t too worried about getting the shape perfect, because I knew I could always go back with pruning sheers and cut it to shape.

  After a few attempts this is what I came up with. A little pathetic, but not too shabby for zero dollars and maybe fifteen minutes of work. At least it is a little better than the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, right? Maybe just a teeny bit? Can you tell I used my son’s cape and one of my shirts as a tree skirt? Hey, maybe I’ll upgrade to something else so I can wear my shirt again and so Elijah can go be a superhero, but for now it works (kind of).
  I should also probably invest in some other Christmas decorations, since I have none on hand. Are we the Grinch family? I am sure that’s what our neighbors think.

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