Color Crush: Coral & Mint

Recently I’ve been drawn to shades of mint and coral; both separately and in combination. It can be tough to find the right hue of both colors but when you do, they sure are pretty to look at. Here are some coral and mint items I have been eyeing lately.

coral and mint final

1. I’ve had this vintage lamp pinned for quite some time and never tire of seeing it. The lamp itself is gorgeous and that cord just brings it to a whole new level; it’s so eye catching! Infact, nearly every lamp from this Etsy shop – EarthSeaWarrior – is fun to look at.

2. I have a pretty boring wardrobe; I tend to always wear jeans and a black shirt. I make up for the lack of color by wearing vibrant shoes. These coral flats would do just fine with my black attire, don’t you think? They have them in mint, too!

3. This vintage fabric is already in my closet awaiting to be sewn into curtains. California Senora does have one small piece left and plenty of other stunning vintage fabric.

4. I already own and love a Diana camera but this one has the advantage of being mint, so it wins – obviously. Now I’m considering painting all of my cameras mint. That would be completely rational, right?!

5. I still have these DIY Garlands hanging in our kitchen from our son’s birthday party. It’s not that I’ve been too lazy to take them down – okay, maybe I have – it’s that I actually like them up there. It’s fun having a bit of something unexpected in our home, it distracts one from the screams of the house three-year-old.

So what colors have you been crushing on lately? Let’s talk!

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  1. Thank you for featuring our shop in your site! Your collaboration of the colors are amazing and you have a great project!


    Thank you Kimberly ♥


  3. Thanks Aimee!

  4. No, thank you Ursula! 🙂

  5. Cath says: Reply

    I'm seriously into navy blue lately. I just painted my front door Martha Stewart's Wrought Iron…a royal blue grayed all the way down and darkened up. So rich!

  6. Wow, that sounds beautiful!

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