January Thrift Store Finds

I am running pretty late this month for showing off my thrift store finds for January; don’t worry though, there were some pretty memorable finds in the first month of 2014.

I should first start off with showing you these old cookie cutters I found in Decemberoops! I even used one to make rabbit ornaments, but managed to forget to share about them in December’s thrifting recap.


Then, I should also get all these books I’ve been collecting out of the way. As usual, I found some great children’s books; a collection of Disney books, a sweet picture dictionary, Best in Children’s Books, Peter and Wendy, and other great beginner books.

vintage disney books
the best nest vintage
peter pan hands hands
knobby boys and picture dictionary

This Rock and Minerals book is perfect for my rock loving boy and this Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln was found at a garage sale.

golden guide to rocks and minerals, wit and wisdom of abraham lincoln

The majority of the books I found in January were thick hardcovers (some of which you may have spotted in this post) – which are quickly becoming my favorite.

Vintage hardcover books

Among them is a world atlas, thesaurus, a few classic novels, a wildflowers book, a cookbook and one of my favorites – a houseplant book.

vintage houseplant book

Vinyl records are in the same section as the books at one thrift store; so it was hard not to spot these cute records.

polka party with the polkateers vinyl

The design and – especially – the typography caught my eye on both of these records. Keep an eye out for them on my Etsy shop, Smithly’s, since I have no use for them in my home.

sigmund romberg vinyl

Another thing to keep an eye out for on there are these photoflash lamps.

photoflash lamps

I would hoard these myself if I had a camera to use them with but since I don’t, I’m hoping someone with such a camera could use these.

vintage photoflash lamps
vintage blue bulb

We’re keeping these vintage – giant – tin snips, because you never know when they may come in handy, right?

vintage tin snips

Some other random things I found in January: amazing buttons (are they ivory?), a couple frosted drinking glasses, some writing compasses…


A sweet little Vera napkin, a large jar requiring some elbow grease, a little yellow Anchor dish that I’ve converted into a vessel for my houseplant addiction, a wooden flower bowl that will soon hold a houseplant – maybe…


And lastly, this retro green fabric and green floral trim that I am pretty smitten over.


Whew, that was almost too much to handle. Did you make it through all of that? While we’re on the subject, I’d really love your input on these monthly thrift store recaps: do you love them or hate them or could you care less?!

If you want more thrift store recaps, you can find them here; and for sneak peaks of what I get during the month, follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google + or subscribe to receive email updates!

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  1. How much did all that cost? My best haul was over $250 worth of stuff (retail price) for about $26.

  2. I lose track throughout the month, and some of these items (like the books and photoflash bulbs) are purchased together at garage sales, but it was probably around $30 – a majority of which went to books!

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