Window Shopping for an Area Rug

I’ve never been a huge fan of our living room rug; it was inexpensive and that showed heavily after the three years of use in our home. So when my husband told me I could buy a new area rug for my birthday, my mind began racing with ideas.

I knew I want a rug that would last us a while; something durable to stand up to traffic, something well-made with quality material, and something neutral – but still visually interesting – that could work with my ever changing design taste. Material is also an important factor, cotton is easy to clean and wool is durable, super comfortable – but expensive. I started my search with that criteria in mind, and here’s what I came up with.

area rugs

ONE I have been drooling over Persian rugs lately, but an authentic one would cost way more than my $150 budget. This wool rug has some great aspects of a Persian rug with a price tag that is easier to swallow. However, even at 50% off, $210 is still a bit over budget.

TWO West Elm’s sweater rug is neutral and made with high-quality wool – so I can imagine that the texture on this rug is amazing. However, word around the web is that it sheds extensively but at more than half-off, it’s a price that’s hard to beat.

THREE Stripes are hard to resist and the bold stripes in this Crate and Barrel cotton rug are no exception. This beautiful rug is neutral and the cotton would give it a fighting chance against the wrath of two toddlers.

FOUR I love the scale of this rug’s trellis pattern – it is visually interesting but still small enough to not take center stage. It is 100% woven cotton – and 50% off thanks to RugsUSA’s frequent sales – but may not stand up to high traffic.

So, which one is your favorite? I was torn between Crate and Barrel’s striped rug and West Elm’s sweater rug. I actually wasn’t planning on making a final decision before writing this post, but late last night I noticed West Elm was offering 20% off their already low clearance items until midnight. I went into a sort of panicked frenzy trying to make up my mind, and with some encouragement from my husband – I took the plunge and bought it.

Now of course, I’m having regrets; mainly because the sale is final – no habitual returning this time! – and I have even seen it in person! Overall though, I think it’ll be a huge upgrade from our current rug-situation. I ultimately preferred wool over cotton (or any other material) and I don’t think I could have found a better wool rug with my small budget.

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