Flaunt Your Kleenex with Style

It is that commonly known time of the year when runny noses are a part of day-to-day life and coughs are becoming all too familiar. When little children are running around with faucet noses, it’s vital to have tissues close by to wipe noses – and their by-products – quickly, am I right!? However, standard tissue boxes aren’t the prettiest to have lying around in frequented areas of our home; so I was excited when I found out about Kleenex’s new stylish tissue box designs.


Their new designs look pretty sitting out in the open which keeps them within an arms reach just in case; you never know when a toddler sneeze will occur, when yogurt will attack, or when Downton Abbey will throw a plot twist at you.


I like to keep my tissues where I find myself needing them the most; the children’s room and the living room, which just so happen to be the areas we spend the majority of our time in.


Out of all their styles, my favorites were “Cubix” and “Jacks”. I especially love the new oval packaging,┬áit’s such a fun change of pace from the regular boxes. To see all of Kleenex’s designs, check out their style studio – it is filled with fun facts and even a little quiz to challenge or style expertise. Spoiler alert: I’m only a partial expert.


So what is your favorite Kleenex design? Are you, like me, a snot-swiping-ninja and require tissues nearby? Thankfully our runny noses have subsided but I am prepared in case they decide to come back again.

This post is sponsored by Kleenex; all opinions and runny noses are my own.

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