Surviving Summer: 6 Summer Essentials

I like to think there are only two seasons in Florida: hot and not-so-hot. At this time, we are transitional from not-so-hot to hot. Some days, I find myself complaining about the heat – it is just so humid! Then I get to thinking, what am I going to do when the highs are close to 100 degrees during real summer? So here are six items that can help make summer a bit more enjoyable.

1. Sunglasses, for all of those beautifully sunny days. (And an umbrella for the rainy ones, of course.)
2. A durable tote bag for lugging plenty of water to the beach or the park.
3. Beach blankets are a necessity for lounging in the sun or for picnics in the shade.
4. Ice pops made with these molds. Need I say more?
5. Freshly cut, slimy aloe spread over sun kissed shoulders will always remind me of my childhood and I can only hope it will one day remind my children of their childhood. (Picture found here.)
6. A floppy sun hat may be able to prevent those sun kissed shoulders to begin with. I’ll take the aloe as well, though.
What other summer essentials can you think of? Any one else with childhood memories of slimy aloe?! I was always terrified of being poked by the edges.

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