Dreaming of a White Kitchen

We’ll be cooking a big Thanksgiving turkey tomorrow in our kitchen and will most likely be even more eager to begin renovations afterwards. I’ll be back another day with before photos and the majority of our plans however, today is a day for pretty pictures full of inspiration.

We started out dreaming of white cabinets with a big farmhouse sink, open shelves, marble and wood counters, and a decent range hood (we’ve always wanted one!). While we still have those white cabinets and open shelves on our mind, we had to let go of some other items on our wish list. Since we want to keep a tight budget, the farmhouse sink will most likely be switched out for an undermount granite composite – partly for durability but also for the price.

Our minds are constantly changing but we need to narrow down and pull the trigger on some major purchases soon. After much deliberation, we settled on a refrigerator, which will help the process of finalizing our cabinet layout. And although I have envisioned what I want the final space to look like, I haven’t put much thought into little details like pendant lights, backsplash, shelf brackets, and island stools. You know, those tiny details that have huge impacts on the room.









annabode kitchen


If you have any kitchen renovation tips, please share! And of course, Happy Thanksgiving!


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