A Week for Rest

This week I decided to take a much needed break from house projects. One of the bigger shelves in the kitchen is warped, so we will need to cut it shorter to use on another wall and rebuild the big shelf. For now I have it installed even though it’s super unleveled.

Next week I hope to install more tile then build the shelves are install those. We still have toekicks and caulking to complete before we can call the renovation “done”.

Leather Sofa, Gathre Mat, Living Room

| Leather Sofa | Brass Lamp | Wooden Car | Wooden Toy | Gathre Play Mat |

Next on my list of things to do is our living room. I have a lengthy to-do list, the most important thing being build a proper desk. As I sit writing this post I am already getting tired thinking about all the painting I’ll have to do but will be glad once it is done.

Breaks are sometimes necessary and this week has been a treat, to really have nothing on my “to-do” list – other than catch up on everything I’ve been too busy to take care of. You know, things like meal planning and dusting.

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