Easy DIY Magnetic Knife Strip

As you may have seen here, I put together an easy DIY magnetic knife strip. I have always liked the idea of a knife strip like this one, but never wanted one out in the open in my cluttered kitchen. Then, it dawned on me to put it inside of my cabinet door. Unfortunately, the ones sold at stores are at least 12″ long, and that just won’t fit. Wanting one as soon as possible and not having any tools to make one like this, I came up with this easy solution.

** Updated to say: I recently came across this magnetic tape on Instagram, if you are looking for an alternative!

Easy DIY Magnetic Knife Strip


  Here’s what you’ll need:
Overall, this cost me $10 from Home Depot since I already had the Gorilla Glue and craft paper on hand.
  I simply cut the Velcro to size and adhered it to the back of the ruler then to the cabinet door. Please excuse my creepy swollen fingers.
  Oh and remember that craft paper I bought? Well, I decided to put it to use and cover the ruler for some prettiness. I folded it tightly around the ruler and taped it in place. I know, I am really fancy using tape and all.
  Once attached to the cabinet, I put the magnets in place and then the knives. And then the knives and magnets fell off of the ruler. It is not fun and games when knives decide to fly around. So I gorilla glued the magnets in place to make it sturdy and called it a night.
magnetic knife strip

I am considering covering the magnets up with another ruler to make it look a bit more seamless but it works for now. This was mainly just a quick 10 minute fix that has much more room for improvement. I will keep you posted if I do end up changing anything.

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  1. I was looking at doing something similar in our kitchen, but I'd worry about the magnets either not being strong enough (i.e. falling knives) or too strong (and the knifes being more prone to damage when being attached to the strip).

    Something like this might be an interesting design, if you can figure out how to DIY it:

    EVA Stainless Steel Magneto Knife Holder for 8 Knives

    It seems like you can fit more knifes in a smaller space, since they are angled rather than flat. Also, the knife blade rests in a bit of fabric instead of directly against a magnet, which seems a bit better for it. Though I guess your use of craft paper server a similar purpose.

  2. I like how those knives and nestled in to the holder, it seems hard to DIY, though. The glue helped keep the knives intact and those neodymium magnets would definitely be a lot more secure. I can see how the knives could be damaged from pulling them off of the magnets. I think what can help with that is lifting the blade side off of the magnet first to keep it from scratching against the magnet.

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  4. This is awesome! Thanks so much. Totally doing this. We have a very small kitchen set up. Inside a cabinet this is PERFECT. <3

  5. Anonymous says: Reply

    Regarding those triangular sorta knife holders pictured on the amazon link, they protrude farther into the cabinet and require more cabinet space.

    That might not be a big deal, but it could mean that the knives hit your cabinet shelves when you close the door.


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