Extending My Frame Wall

The last time you saw my frame wall, I was boasting about Eliana’s artistic abilities. Since then, I’ve added more frames to the equation, turning this…

5 frame wall

…into this.


There was really no method to the madness, I just went around with a hammer and nails, holding frames up (and having Philip hold frames up), then guesstimating where the nails should go. After all, they are only holes and can be covered if needed.


I also removed the ornate frames, which I thought I would miss, but I don’t. Warning: crooked pictures ahead.


Hanging “art” does wonders to the finished appearance of a home, don’t you think? My home is far from “finished” but it feels so put together and so “homey”, for a lack of better words, with this frame wall.


I am mainly writing this post due to the fact that we are painting, so shortly after these pictures were taken all of those frames look like this. I shall call it the frame tower…


The frames are now happily sitting back in their rightful place, thanks to documenting where they belong.


I’ll be back next week with the details of each picture, in case you are curious.

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