On the Hunt

I am experiencing some serious nesting behavior, and I like to blame it on baby Isabelle messing with my hormones at the moment. Then again, I occasionally experience organizing frenzies and what I like to call craving-more-storage anxiety whether or not I am pregnant. So anticipating Isabelle’s arrival, I knew we would need a place for her baby things. Since our toddler’s things are already occupying two-thirds of our closet and our son had his room packed full, I knew our solution would be a dresser. And after seeing Young House Love’s dresser-turned-changing table, I knew I wanted the dresser to replace the changing table in our bedroom.

  So with that image in my head, the hunt began. I recalled seeing a similar dresser at a local thrift store, but was sadly disappointed when I went there to find that it was gone. My next step was, of course, craigslist. I had great success previously on craigslist, when I stumbled upon a beautiful antique dresser for a slim thirty dollars and painted it a beautiful blueish grey (or gray, whichever you prefer).
  I assumed this time would be the same, but to my horror, there was nothing worth while. So I impatiently checked craigslist everyday as well as stopped by thrift stores and used furniture stores. I found a low-quality dresser at a nearby thrift store that I was willing to settle on, until Philip convinced me to wait, and that the right dresser would come around. So I waited, and browsed some more. All I could seem to find were beautiful dressers that were out of my price range or dressers that would need way more love than I was willing to give them.



  I was beginning to become very discouraged. I woke up Friday morning with a mind full of worries, not to mention my phone had stopped working and I was dog tired. I browsed the internet for organizing ideas and looked at closets with pretty shelves and baskets, which only caused me to worry some more. I was stressed, I knew that when this feeling hits, things can turn very ugly rather quickly. My normal reactions will change to mortified cries and expectations that anyone who I talked to should know exactly how I felt and exactly what to say. Like I said; ugly.
  So I stopped in my tracks, and I prayed. I asked God to calm me down, to take my worries away and to please put a dresser in my path. Let me tell you, He is an awesome God! It must have been thirty minutes later that I went to browse craigslist, and there is was. The title said exactly what I wanted to hear, and the picture inside was exactly what I wanted to see.
  Once Philip came home from lunch, I called the number and told her I could come look at it and was very interested. Along with the unwanted laminated top, it isn’t in perfect condition. There are some chips on the sides and it has a corner with slightly peeling veneer, but I was able to take it home for fifty dollars instead of sixty, and that makes me one happy lady. I plan on re-staining it and painting the laminate top.

  I will update you with some before and after pictures once the project is done. For now, just imagine what it will look like hanging out nice and snuggled in our bedroom.

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