Homemade Fudge

I really like to make sweet treats to give out for Christmas, like I mentioned in this post. Last year, I made peanut butter balls and it was exhausting! The chocolate I rolled the peanut butter in kept sticking to my fingers. Hey, I can’t really complain about that, but after a while it got a bit annoying. With a needy 2 month old, I wanted to keep it extra simple this year.

  I found this recipe from theKitchn, and it seemed easy enough. I was pretty excited about it, I even went out and bought the highest quality cocoa that I could find. I know, I can be pretty fancy at times.
   It is a pretty straightforward process and having a thermometer makes it even easier.


  The instructions say to check for doneness after ten minutes, but it took closer to thirty minutes for me. Like I’ve said before, it could definitely be something wrong with my oven/stove. My thermometer said a soft ball would form at 240 degrees F, but I went with the 235 degrees recommendation from the recipe and am glad I did. To take my fanciness to a whole new level, I sprinkled chopped white chocolate chips on top after spreading the fudge out in the pan.
  I think mine came out a little grainy, but tasted good regardless, next time I will make sure to stir less. Now they are packaged and ready to give for Christmas.


  You can find the wonderful recipe at theKitchn.

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