Christmas Cookies

I married into some of the best cookies I’ve had. Each Christmas, my mother and sister in law make batches upon batches of delicious cookies. The secret family recipe is my husband’s late great grandmother’s. They are laced with coconut flakes and oats and are oh so crispy. I am not usually a crispy cookie kind of person, but these are really something else.

This year was my first year participating in the cookie making festivities, even though I have been invited the past three years. My mother in-law (I really don’t like that term) had the whole kitchen set up for a morning of baking. I can’t take the credit for these cookies, because I really didn’t help much. I assumed the job of taste testing while talking their ears off and taking pictures. I did bring the butter, that counts as helping, right? Can’t make cookies without delicious butter!


Even though we get together through out the whole year, I really love how Christmas gives us an excuse to come together. And making delicious treats is always a plus. My husband and his siblings grew up loving these cookies and anticipating their Grandma making them each Christmas. They have easily become my favorite Christmas cookie and it seems I am not the only one favoring them.

The tin of them I brought home won’t last long in our house. You can definitely expect some rock-paper-scissor wars for the last one. Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie? Or perhaps a Christmas tradition in your family? I would love to hear about it!

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  1. Love those cookies 🙂

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