My Mums

I am a little late this week on giving an update to my chosen flowers. This week I decided to grab some mums at the store.

Nothing too fancy, and that’s the way I like it. I have to admit though, I am getting a little bored of the grocery store’s flower selection. Regardless, these do a fine job of looking pretty.

There is something about flowers in the bedroom. I have never put them there before and I am not sure why. Seeing flowers when I first wake up in the morning just puts a smile on my face. Not that a screaming hungry baby doesn’t already do that… Okay, who am I kidding. Is there a mother that smiles when she wakes up to a baby screaming? Smiles come later when she is latched on and guzzling down some milk. Isabelle is an extremely good sleeper though, so I’m not complaining. If I was her age and didn’t eat for nine hours I would beĀ hollering too.

Oh and do you see what these flowers are resting in? That’s right, a real proper vase! Aren’t you proud of me? More details on that to come on Friday.

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