Put A Frame On It

Currently, I have a collection of frames hanging on the biggest wall in my house. I would size my gallery wall a medium but once I finish painting would like to rearrange it and add more frames that are collecting dust in my closet. With more frames, though, comes more things to put in frames. Right now, I have a collection of mismatched pictures, drawings and bible verses sitting in the frames. That is the way I like my gallery wall, a shmorgishborg of different things. So with anticipation to add to my wall of frames, I made up a little board of things I would put a frame on.

1. Is it embedded in almost everyone to like rocks? Well, my family and I do. Especially Elijah, I find rocks in his room all. of. the. time. So since I can’t put a rock in a frame, these rock illustrations will most certainly do.

2. This pretty map sold by 20×200 is really something else. We have all seen maps but have you ever seen a map quite like this? I haven’t but I would like to see it more.

3. This is how I picture the squirrels in our backyard when they watch our chickens and it makes me laugh.

4. I love this graphic printable based on Psalm 37:4 and do you know what makes it even better? It’s free!

squirrel, rocks, map, octopus

5. Seriously, who doesn’t want to be an octopus when they grow up?

6. That’s right, it’s a cow sniffing the camera. Do I need to say more? Well I will anyways, having this hang on my wall would make me smile a lot. You know what would make me smile more? A pet cow.

7. This “you’re a peach” greeting card is only $4.50, so why not put it in a frame?

watercolor, beehive, cow, frame

8. Oh yes, another freebie. This beehive printable is from Ginger & George and the colors in it could go with just about anything.

9. I would hang this lemon print just about anywhere, it would totally go great in a kitchen but certainly doesn’t need to be confined to your kitchen walls.

10. Last, but definitely not least is a beautiful watercolor from So Very Happy Art. I could get lost in her Etsy shop for hours. The hardest part about visiting her page isn’t finding something you will like, it’s decided what you like the most.

What are some of your favorite things to put in frames? Have you been known to hang a greeting card? I have!

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