Playing In The Dirt

At least that is what Eliana calls it. It being grass, or sand or surprisingly, actual dirt.

Philip took Elijah and Eliana to the park the other day when he noticed I was needing a bit of quiet time. God picked me a good husband. I was surprised when they returned home so quickly, I thought something went wrong, but Philip informed me they had been gone for an hour. Wow, how quickly time flies when you are relaxing.

I was changing Isabelle’s diaper when the door opened and Eliana yelled, “Hi Mommy!” and then proceeded to tell me, “Blah da bye car blah ba da dirt.” In other words, “I went bye in the car and played with dirt.” Elijah clarified that for me. He is becoming quite the translator. Which is good because Eliana is becoming quite the story teller and the more translators, the better.

Can you believe these pictures were taken with a camera phone? I can’t. They are so clear. I have a hard time getting clear pictures with my point and shoot camera, yet alone a camera phone.

Maybe there is something wrong with my hands. I should probably stop blaming the camera. Sorry, Olympus. And thank you husband for the pictures.

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  1. He does good work 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your quiet time.

  2. I did! Now I feel a bit guilty for saying that…

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