Fish in the House

For my birthday last week, my dad surprised us all with a trip down to Florida from Maryland. And since my father couldn’t come to Florida without doing Floridian things, he went to the beach to go fishing. When he came home he brought with him two flounder. Aren’t they funny looking?

Eliana wasn’t very happy about them. I tried telling her they were goldfish but she wasn’t falling for that trick.

Maybe it was their teeth that gave them away.

Now, I don’t like fish. I don’t like smelling them and I don’t like eating them. I do like crab and I can tolerate salmon but anything else, you can count me out. That is why there are two fishing poles in our shed that never find any use. Philip loves fishing but I think what stops him is that fact that I won’t eat them.
Reality, though, is that I need to eat more fish. I am pretty sure I am low in Omega 3’s and would like to get it from real food. So when my dad fried the eight small fish fillets in a cast iron skillet, I was sold. We ate those flounders like it was the only thing we’ve had to eat in days. I now like fish.

So my goal is to try to serve fish once a week and incorporate walnuts and flax or chia seeds in other parts of my diet.
Tell me, do you like fish or stay away from eating it as much as possible? Do you know why you don’t like fish? For me, it may have been eating it every night as a kid that made me have anĀ aversion.

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