Out With the Old, In With the Older

Boy am I happy to be writing this… I have officially found a replacement for the ugly pink monster formally called a chair.

Let me give you a brief seating history. When we moved into this house, we received two hand-me-down couches from my mother and step father. One was a large couch and the other was a love seat. Having two couches in a tiny “living room” took up a lot of space, so we sold the love seat and replaced it with the pink chair that I found at a garage sale.

It was fifteen bucks, I had dreams of reupholstering it and I was a little delusional so I made Philip squeeze it into the car and bring it home. I even tried cleaning it with Oxyclean, which left me ever worse than when I started off.

The more I lived with it, the more I realized I did not like it. It was more than just a color or fabric kind of dislike, I didn’t even like its bones. It was too big for the space and would always migrate anytime someone would sit on it. Then when we replaced the full sized couch with a Karlstad, its flaws stood out like a sore thumb.

We rearranged the living room about a week ago and I was very close to just throwing it out the back door. But alas, we needed the chair for well… you know, sitting. Then a couple days later, I went to an antique store disguised as a post office in Gulfport and saw this chair recently marked down from $50 to $20. The catch? I only had $10 in my wallet.

After walking around the place, I gathered up the nerves to offer $10 for it. It just so happens that the woman selling it was in need of more space and, “Since you have a cute baby, I will give it to you for ten.” Awesome! Ten hours of labor really pays off! After digging through my purse for tax change (I wasn’t fibbing when I said I only had $10 in my wallet) and fitting it in my car, it was a done deal.

The fabric isn’t too bad but conveniently enough Eliana had an accident on it two days after I brought it home. While cleaning the mess, I managed to clean off some yellow dye along with it. Bummer.

I am leaning towards reupholstering it but it seems like it will be harder to do than other standard chairs. Do you see how the fabric goes under one of the legs and that middle bar?

Are there any reupholstering pros out there that could lend me some advice? I may have to summon the powers of Google.

For now though, it works as is. I still can’t believe I managed to cross another thing off of my to do list from back in January. Better late than never, right? What’s funny is both my mother and mother in law commented that their parents had the same chair when they were young.

Now the next thing to be replaced will hopefully be that fraying particle board “buffet”. Hopefully. Yeah… right.

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  1. The second chair is a lovely vintage piece!

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