Pictures in the Kitchen

When we last left off in the kitchen, I had just installed a rail above our stove. As you can see, it was lacking some pizzazz, specifically in the above the bar and below the cabinet region.

Well you can officially call that dilemma a problemo no moro. That’s right, I just said what I said and you just read what you read. Don’t worry, I consider problemo a real word, so it’s okay.
The prints really make a big difference in the kitchen. Next to painting and installing curtains, hanging art is a great way to update and freshen up a room with a low amount of dollar bills.
I made the conversion print using a free font I found online, and now I no longer have to Google what measurement equals what, which makes me a happy gal.
And the pig print is from Old English Co. on Etsy. Since you can see the kitchen from the living room, I didn’t want a print that was too kitchen-y, but the pig works perfectly without being too kitchen oriented. If I didn’t have him in my kitchen I wouldn’t put it passed me to hang him in the living room. I am actually a little worried I might be developing a pig problem.
So that makes this one step closer to the kitchen being deemed complete. Of course, I have to get over the biggest hurdle of it all, painting the walls behind the refrigerator.
Does anybody volunteer?! I’ll serve you ice cream once you’re finished.

Update: For a free printable of the conversion chart, go here!

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  1. Jessa says: Reply

    The conversion chart and pig photo really compliment the space.

    What font did you use for the conversion chart? and would you be willing to post the chart up for a printable?

  2. I used Amatic font (found here: for the chart. That is a great idea, Jenna! I will try to post a printable of it soon. 🙂

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