Virtual Window Shopping for Mother’s Day

I like Mother’s Day, I think it can easily be placed on the top of my favorite holidays list. Do you know why? That’s right, because I’m a mama. It’s an excuse for me to do nothing that day, and make the children do all of the house chores. Oh yeah! I promise I’ll try to do something that day, I’ll still nurse the baby, and maybe even poor myself a glass of water. Heck, I might even brush my teeth just for you guys. See, that’s doing something, right?

Well, since Mother’s Day is a little over a week away (May 12th for those who are wondering), I thought I would take you all on another virtual shopping trip, this time with those mama’s in mind. These are things you could see me gifting the mother’s in my life, and things that I wouldn’t mind receiving myself.

1. I’m guessing here, but the top Mother’s Day gift has to be a bouquet of flowers. They look pretty, smell good, and are delicate like my emotions, which makes for a simple, pick-up-that-day-because-I-procrastinated gift. This year, why not take it a step further and purchase a potted plant or even an air plant, which are more difficult to kill. To go the extra mile, you could even purchase or make a container for the air plant, Design*Sponge has a great tutorial using some plastic bottle lids, spray paint, and twine.

2. Journal’s are always a great go-to gift and I’m sure the mother in your life will find many ways to make good use of it. This one from Anthropology is not only useful, but pretty. No longer can us mama’s blame baby brains for forgetting with a journal like this.

3. In case you do decide to stick with the tried and true flowers as a gift, how about pairing it with a cute vase, like this one from West Elm?

4. My mother, as I am sure other mothers, wears jewelry and even though this bracelet┬áis from Mod Cloth, not from Kay’s or Zales, it still is pretty. If I wore more than two pieces of jewelry, you could expect to see my wrist sporting this baby.

5. My sister uses this Soap & Paper Factory Hand Cream and she has the softest hands that I have ever felt. I can imagine that after sanding a piece of furniture, this hand cream would be a nice end to the day.

6. Homemade goodies are always a safe bet when it comes to gift giving. Come next Sunday, you can expect me to have some ice cream in tow. I am still decided whether to make chamomile ice cream or my personal favorite, berry crisp ice cream. Either one would make a great made with love gift.

7. This You Are So Loved print from The Wheatfield on Etsy is hands down beautiful. I think it’d be hard to find a mama who wouldn’t enjoy it.

8. These note cards, again from Etsy, but this time from Pen & Paint, would make a great gift by themselves, or you could turn them into greeting cards by writing a heartfelt personal message in each one for four mothers in your life. Or maybe be a little selfish and save them for yourself. Okay, pretend you never read that previous sentence.

9. One of my go-to gifts, besides flowers, is a framed picture. A frame, from Target, paired with a childhood picture with your mother or a picture of your children may induce a smile on your mama’s face. You have been warned.

That sums up my ideas on gifts, so tell me, what are some of your go-to gifts for Mother’s Day?

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