One for the Pig?

I found this guy at a local thrift store for one buck a couple of weeks ago. When I first saw him, I immediately called him a pig but upon closer inspection, I started to second guess myself. For instance, look at his mouth… that sure doesn’t look like a pig snout to me. Also, what is that weird bump on his head? I mean, I guess he bares some resemblence to other pig silhouettes. Maybe he was just a pig that fell on his head or something, I don’t know.

Moving on to the real point of this post… giving this little guy some color. I loved the look of Target’s USA cutting board (which you can spot over at Young House Love, since Target no longer carries it), but I wasn’t able to snag one. Heck, even if I did ever have the opportunity, I wouldn’t have even gotten it since I am cheap and all. Anyway, what I liked the most about that cutting board was the navy blue sides. So I replicated that with some yellow.

I debated using navy but instead I love the pop of bright yellow against the dark wood.

Does a mystery shaped cutting board need some sprucing up in your home? Well, I have some tips for you… first, lightly sand the edges that you intend on painting, 220 grit works great, you just want to rough it up a little so the paint with bond with the surface.

Then, wipe down what you sanded with a lightly moist cloth, just to make sure there is no lingering dust. Once it is fully dry, which shouldn’t take long at all, paint thin even layers, giving adequate time for drying.

I did a total of three layers on mine, but it probably could use one more additional layer… but you know, I’m lazy so three will have to do.

Heck, for one dollar, this little pig-thing made a nice little transformation.

He’s a good little shelf model, too.

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  1. LOVE this! He's so cute now!

  2. Thanks!!

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