Baby Boop is Six Months!

I can hardly believe sweet little Isabelle, who affectionately call Boop, is already a half of a year old young.

I can remember with great detail the day she was born and those nights staying up with her while she nursed to her little hearts desire. Actually, I can remember those nights staying up so well because she is still up in the wee hours nursing away.

It is so intriguing to see another little gal’s personality bloom. I guess a part of me expected her to be just like Eliana, but she is such her own little person!

Everything from her toes and hands are unique.

She is doing so good sitting up on her own, and even says “ma-ma,” which of course melts my heart. She is also blurting out a lot of “blah-blah-blah’s,” I’ll take credit for that.

It is now really sinking in how fast they grow so I am trying more than ever to soak these tiny moments in.

The best word to describe little Isabelle is sweet. I used to call her that when my belly was still her home, and it holds true to this day.

It’s hard to explain why, just everything from her smile to her little tongue that is frequently sticking out to her hair pulling capabilities to her calmness and even her frustration is so sweet.

Now please excuse me while I go to gawk at her smile.

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  1. She is so cute!!

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