The Adventures of Boop, Nani, and Peanut Butter: A Life Lesson From a Toddler

Philip had an idea to start sharing little tidbits of our lives titled “The Adventure’s of Boop, Nani, and Peanut Butter”. Isabelle is “Boop”, Eliana pronounces her name as “Nani”, and Nani calls Elijah “big brother”, but it sounds more like “Peanut Butter”. Now that we have who’s who out of the way, let’s get to our first edition of The Adventure’s of Boop, Nani, and Peanut Butter.

Life Lessons from Nani

Babies are interesting beings; they look funny, make weird noises, steal mommies away, and put gross mouth wetness all over toys. Not to mention the white goop that comes from their mouth… it’s yucky.

So, it has come to my understanding that these baby things like it best when you place any unwanted toys on top of their squishy bodies.

Trust me, I know babies.

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