Style Cure: Updating with Spray Paint

Spray paint can offer such a dramatic impact for so little money on any given room’s design. My bathroom mood board contains a fair amount of oil-rubbed bronze and black accents but I’m not willing to dish out the money to provide brand new oil-rubbed bronze features. My only logical step was to turn to a $10 bottle of spray paint that I already had on hand from another project.

Here’s where we were to begin with. Yes, that light above the medicine cabinet is not centered and that picture is hung way too high. Is it so bad that I didn’t feel like moving the nail it hangs on?


Here’s where we are after a few coats of spray paint. Much better, right?

10-bathroom after2

Our soap dispenser had seen better days. Would you believe that we’ve been through three soap dispensers in two years?


So instead of purchasing yet another one, I covered up its wear-and-tear.

12-bathroom soap

It’s amazing how changing two little elements can make such a difference.


Please try to ignore the awkwardness emitting from those pictures. Oh and for the record, I own more than one black tank top. I’m like a real life cartoon character, if you ever see me in anything other than a black shirt consider yourself special.

The bathroom still has a long way to go but I’m taking it one step at a time. Here are some other projects I’d like to complete in this room:

  • Replace the standard metal shelf with some wooden ones.
  • Assemble a new towel rack (I’d like something similar to¬†this).
  • Maybe replace and attempt to center the light?
  • Spruce up the medicine cabinet.
  • Find a larger picture.
Only time will tell if I’ll be able to complete everything on my list but a girl can dream, right? You can see additional before photos of our little bathroom here.

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  1. Wig says: Reply

    Nice work! I think that you should do the same to the metal base of your light fixture.

  2. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe it would even make it look centered, ha!

  3. It's amazing how such little things can make such a big improvement!

  4. I agree!

  5. Anonymous says: Reply

    It looks like the tile changed from a beige coral color to white. Am I mistaken or did you just leave the tile the way it was?

  6. We left the tile the way it was.

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