DIY Fail (or, When To Just Give Up)

I had big plans when I spotted a vintage travel case at the thrift store. Big plans, I tell ya. Said plans were to paint it pretty and use it to store things; fabric or maybe dollhouse furniture, craft supplies even crossed my mind.

So I taped it up, primed it with plastic spray primer and gave it three coats of paint from a sample paint jar. It was gonna be beautiful, I tell ya! Two days later, I was left with this.

Travel Case

And this.

Travel Case Hinge

This, too.

Travel Case Paint Chipped

Oh, and can’t forget this; I couldn’t even manage to remove some the tape!

American Touristor Travel Case

What a disaster. This was even worse than my polyurethane fiasco. So I accepted my failure and forfeited – ain’t nobody got time for that. I called my ten dollars and an hour worth of time a loss, and donated it back to the thrift store, in case anybody wants to undergo scrapping off every last fleck of paint.

What’s your biggest DIY fail? Please tell me I’m not the only one who has these moments!

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