Favorite Things Swap (#favthingsswap)

There’s this thing called “Favorite Things Swap” that I discovered through Instagram; it is basically like secret santa, but not for Christmas gift-swapping. You receive a name and send said person a box full of goodies while at the same time, someone else sends you a box full of goodies. Sounds like a win-win, right?!

Here’s what I sent my favorite things swap buddy.
Buddy's Favorite Things Swap
A thrifted vintage book, homemade bow ties, a bag of shells, painted spoon tied to a chocolate bar and my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, and a DIY notebook.
Notebook and Bowtie
Sea Shells
It was pretty fun putting thought into what to send and bringing it all together and just as fun to receive such awesome things. I was hoping to find more goodies from the thrift store to send but couldn’t find anything worth sending. Maybe next time!?
Did you sign up for favorite things swap? If so, spill the details! To follow along with what was sent and received, check out the hashtag “#favthingsswap“.

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