Taking a Road Trip with Children (Free Printable!)

We’re preparing to take a 9 hour road trip with our three children tonight. This past summer, we drove 12 hours with Elijah and Eliana when I was pregnant with Isabelle and made it to our destination safely and sane. Now that Isabelle is able to vocalize her feelings outside of my uterus, this may be a whole new adventure.

Yellow Suitcase

So although I cannot offer much advice about traveling with a nursling, here are some things I like to bring along for the children.

  • Be prepared for hungry tummies by packing plenty of snacks, but keep in mind that snacks don’t have to be junk. These homemade cranberry-date lara bars by Kristin at Live Simply are both easy to make and easy to eat on the go. Apples, grapes, and carrots are some other easy car ride snacks.
  • Bring plenty of visually interesting books. I’ve been eyeing these BabyLit books and I think Eliana would enjoy them as well.
  • Other than books, lacing cards are great at keeping tiny hands occupied. These diy lacing cards look easy to make and could easily entertain little ones.
  • Keeping older children occupied with nature journaling not only makes the time go by but also helps them document what they are seeing in places other than home.
  • Car ride games can be fun for every member of the family. Growing up, we always played the license plate game; we would pick 3 letters from a car’s license plate and make up their first, middle and last name. In case there are sleeping babies in the car, I’m praying there will be, a road trip scavenger hunt game is a silent alternative.

Since I am such a big fan of scavenger hunts, I’ve made it available as a free printable. To download and print the Road Trip Scavenger Hunt PDF, click here.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt
Now that I’ve shared my favorite things to bring along on a road trip for the kiddos, what do you like to pack for them? Also, who has any advice for traveling with a nursing baby?!

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