DIY Pocket Onesie

I can think of a few thousand things to adhere to a baby girl’s onesie, but when it comes to baby boy onesies, I’m at a loss. Sure there are bow ties, regular ties, dinosaurs, etc., and those are all great, but I wanted to make something different for my sister’s new baby.

DIY Onesie Pocket Text
I’m pretty shocked this came out half way decent, so anyone attempting this will probably produce something super outstanding since I am the world’s worst seamstress, remember?
Onsie Pocket Flower
To get started, fold and iron your chosen fabric, right sides touching.
Iron Fold
Then draw your pocket outline and trim excess fabric. This pocket was 2 inches x 2 1/4 inches with an angled bottom. I trimmed a 1/4-inch outside of my outline to account for stitching.
Draw Pocket Fabric
Cut Out Pocket
Next, sew on your line leaving a 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch opening, flip right side out and press. Don’t worry about that gap, we’ll address that later.
Sew and Flip Pocket
Now stitch two lines about a half-inch down from the top. My lines were, of course, crooked.
Sew Stitch
Finally, pin and sew the pocket to the onesie or shirt. Hashtag super easy, guys.
Pin Pocket to Onesie

Do you notice that gap that was left open during the beginning steps? Yeah, me neither.

Onsie Pocket Final
Onesie Pocket Final Closeup
This could also work well for a bigger pocket on something other than a baby shirt… the possibilities are pretty endless. And did I mention this is really easy?

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