Washi Tape Makeover

I found this marble maze back in April at a thrift shop for $2.50. I like the wood, but felt it was missing something. I considered painting it around the edges like I did with the pig cutting board but due my indecisiveness, I wanted to do something a little less permanent.

Marble Maze Front

Washi tape, meet marble maze.

Marble Maze Side

I bought this Scotch washi tape about a month ago when it was on sale at Target. I had been eyeing it for a while so when it was marked down I didn’t hesitate picking up a couple. Am I the only one who makes a point to stroll down the crafty aisle at Target every time I’m there?

Marble Maze Close

This particular tape was a bit wide for the edges, so instead of attempting to cut a straight line to make it flush, I opted for folding it down.

Marble Maze Back

As for the marble holes, I just took a sewing pin and sort of cut the tape to fit. It’s not perfect but I don’t think the children mind.

Marble Maze Marble Hole

Unfortunately the marble maze hasn’t seen many marbles lately. Elijah doesn’t play with it anymore and Eliana would much rather eat the marbles than use them for their intended purpose.

Marble Maze Final

One day, Marble Maze, you’ll be played with again… one day.

How do you like to use washi tape?

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