Making More Progress

You guys, we have a gray living room! Wahoo! Nearly six months later (remember the last time we made progress?) we finally are seeing more gray.

Living Room Full

It is such an improvement from the yellow we had before. Don’t get me wrong, I love me the color yellow, just not on our walls. Lessons learned, right? (Excuse the crooked lampshade… it hardly ever is straight. It probably drives my other half crazy.)

Living Room Yellow
Living Room Gray

The kitchen wall with the door on it still needs another coat but it’ll have to wait until I buy another gallon of paint.

Living Room NE
Living Room NE Couch

Speaking of purchasing gallons of paint… I made a big mistake. You can’t quite tell from the pictures, but there are two different types of gray on our living room walls than what’s on our kitchen and front walls. You see, I first bought a cheap off-brand gallon of paint from a local paint shop color-matched to Benjamin Moore’s Moonshine. When I ran out and needed another gallon, I decided to spend the extra money for a better quality paint. I ended up buying Behr’s paint and primer in one color matched to the same Moonshine color. Welp, it is a shade lighter than the first gallon. You can see the difference in the wall corner in this picture. Slick move, huh?

Living Room SW

We’re not too put out about it, since we actually like the lighter shade better and can always repaint the other walls. We have future plans, if we buy this house, to knock down the front wall and enclose our front porch. So, we’ll have to repaint that wall anyway. At that point in time, we can just repaint the other walls… hopefully in less than a six-month time period.

Oh and there’s still the hallway to paint, but let’s not think about that and instead focus on how great the glass door knob coat rack looks hung on gray walls.

Door Knob Coat Rack

Here’s that typewrite table I bought for $8, this time with a sanded top awaiting a paint job. I’m still leaning towards mint, what do you think?

Typewrite Table

This old vanity-turned-desk is in my refinishing sites as well. I’m thinking about stripping the paint and seeing how much I like the wood. I also need to find a replacement chair. I’m just waiting for the perfect old school chair to come into my sights… maybe one of these days, God willing.

Vanity Desk

Last time you saw this room, the desk was below the window. We’re notorious for rearranging our furniture. I’m pretty happy with how everything is placed now, but shortly we’ll be moving we’ve moved our bed out here for the sake of sleep. I know, we may sound crazy… that’s the lack of sleep from a touchy baby kicking in. I’ll be back at some point with an update of how it’s working out.

Living Room Before (dark)

Does it take you nearly as long as us to paint? We can’t be the only slackers in DIY-land.

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  1. Love the grey!

  2. Thank you, Rebekah! You'll have to come see it in person!!

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