Apartment Therapy’s Room for Color

On a whim last week I submitted my newly styled bathroom for Apartment Therapy’s Room for Color. Surely it won’t make it in, I thought, there are so many more appealing rooms out there! I was gladly proven wrong when I spotted my bathroom on Apartment Therapy’s site. Whaat!

AT's Room for Color

It’s a little surreal, guys! I’ve already shouted it from the social media mountain tops. From this point, readers can vote for their favorite rooms and the top five rooms from each category will go to a panel of judges. I doubt I will win, after all, have you seen the other rooms!? But it is pretty cool regardless… I can’t even believe my little bathroom was picked to even be a contestant.

4-bathroom after

On the side bar of my website I posted a banner that links back to my room on Apartment Therapy’s website where my lame advice of using color can be found. I told you I signed up on a whim, didn’t I? Voting ends September 27th and there’s still time (until September 16th) to enter your room for the running!

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  1. Emily says: Reply

    How cool! I will be sure to vote for you. I know how much work you put into it, what with finding the shelves at an estate sale.


  2. Thank you, Emily!!

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