Bowlin’ with the Homies

Before school started for my son Elijah, we wanted to do something special for him for getting perfect scores on his test and making Principle’s List. We already gave him a mohawk for the summer, which he loved, and since he had been wanting to go bowling we took him out for a game.


I hadn’t been bowling since high school, so I just enjoyed it just as much as the kids.

19 bowling

I was nervous about how Eliana would behave. She’s a very strong-willed independent little gal. Since we are still learning the act of sharing, I worried we wouldn’t be able to make it through a whole game. Thankfully, God graced me with patience and her with the ability to take turns.

12 Eliana Bowling

Elijah got the highest score, although I do recall getting one spare myself… I know, impressive. Elijah is definitely the bowler in the family and was much more impressive than yours truly, but that doesn’t mean us less-than-pro bowlers didn’t enjoy it as well.

1 bowling

The boy definitely has a unique way of bowling, that’s for sure.

9 bowling

I found that it really helped Eliana practice patience, although it took a couple of turns to get her to understand the concept of waiting and watching her brother bowl.

10 bowling
11 bowling

I think her favorite part, though, was naming the colors of every bowling ball.

3 bowling
5 bowling

For less than twenty dollars for an hour of fun, I’d do it again in a heart beat.


What is something you like to do with your family to beat the heat of summer?

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