My Little Artist

This is close to three months outdated but I couldn’t resist showcasing our youngest’s first artwork. I posted a picture on Instagram when it happened but I love the other pictures I captured. Thankfully she’s no starving artist. Shortly after this she attempted to eat any and every chalk she could get her tiny hands on, so they have been banished for now. I wasn’t lying when I said she acted as if we starve her. Her chubby cheeks are proof that we do not.

Isabelle Chalksized
Isabelle Chalksized 2
Isabelle Chalksized 3
Isabelle Chalksized 4
Isabelle Chalksized 5
Isabelle Chalksized 6

I may be am totally biased here, but this girl is brilliant. She must get that from me. Like I said, totally not biased.

Isabelle Masterpiece

One last thing, here’s a tutorial on how to make the chalkboard.

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