Stinky Wood Box

You know that smell of early 20th century homes with beautiful original coffered ceilings and wood floors still in great condition? Yeah… that wasn’t the smell this box held. This was one of those old smells that should stay lost in time. Forever.

Brocant Box

Remember when I bought it from the Brocante Market? Well shortly after bringing it home I tried the usual de-stink-afying (totally a word) steps like baking soda and vinegar, but even after two weeks with baking soda in the box, the smell still remained.

That’s when I turned to primer and a free paint sample I got from Lowes (I find the coupons in HGTV or Better Homes and Gardens Magazines). The color is Appletini and there was really no science involved in picking it out. I should note that before priming, I made sure to thoroughly clean and dry the wood. It was untreated so there was no need to sand.

Box Hinge

Then it sat for at least one month while I geared up motivation to seal it. Finally I decided if I hadn’t sealed it by now I never would, so I left it as is.

Box Latch

Now it makes a perfect non-smelly Lego box to keep out of the reach of curious little hands, because finding at least a dozen Legos at separate times in Boop’s mouth is not my idea of a good time.

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