November Thrift Store Finds – Garage Sale Edition

Nearly three weeks ago I told you I would share my garage sale finds in a week. Well, I’m late – fashionably, of course.

It’s hard to want to write this post since I have so many cool things from this month that I can’t wait to share with you. But I digress, last month’s finds were pretty awesome. For instance, this turquoise thermos hits the bill for being awesome. In addition to the one I found at the thrift store, I almost have a collection.


The original sticker has been through some washes but I kind of don’t want to take it off. I kind of don’t want to sell it either, since it would be perfect to bring to a picnic, but that was the only way I could justify bringing it home.


Nani found this wicker doll chair and since we arrived at the yard sale later in the day, she used her toddler sweetness to bring it home for free.

52-doll chair

These stacking boxes are also in the children toy category. One is missing and one it torn but they were worth the 50 cents, don’t you think?

49-stacking box
48-stacking box

I also picked up two toy animals and spray painted them pink, which you may have seen here or here.

This chair found its way home with me for $5. I used it and another chair to replace the bench at our dining room table. Its dowels need to be glued and I’d like to paint it or maybe strip the paint – what do you think? Ignore the finger smudges on the table, please. Hashtag life with a toddler.


My favorite finds this month were from a yard sale right down the street from us. These typewriters were only two of the plenty treasures they had.


This one seems to function nicely other than some of the keys sticking while typing but it needs a new ribbon.


And this one – which is my favorite – has a broken string (totally not the official term) and won’t slide over after a letter is typed. My husband can probably figure out how to fix it so there is hope!


I still haven’t made up my mind whether I will keep them or not.


One thing I am keeping is this old utility chest.


I didn’t clean it before I took these pictures so it’s looking better now.


What I found inside was almost cooler than the toolbox itself. Here are some things I thought were worth showcasing.


Some mystery items, mending tape, a tiny level, coat hooks.

-mending tape, level, hooks

Old keys and another mystery item – a fork, perhaps?

-keys and fork

This shoelace guy looks very similar to the peanut man, don’t you think?


These red handled scissors are posted for sale on Etsy for $11.


Old flasher and winker outlet plugs.




And lastly, these clock instructions. I love old typography.


There was so much last month that it only made sense to separate it into two posts. This month I have already added to our book collection, acquired new furniture, and spotted some interesting child gear so check back soon or subscribe for email updates!

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  1. Amanda says: Reply

    Did you ever discover the purpose for the fork shaped tool? It looks to me like it might be for removing nails.

  2. Amanda says: Reply

    Did you ever discover the purpose for the fork shaped tool? It looks to me like it might be for removing nails.

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