February Thrift Store Finds

Here’s a fun little fact: this post marks one full year of thrift store shopping recaps. I know, it’s a pretty big deal, I bet it just drastically changed your day. On top of that, I found some pretty noteworthy things this month, like this chair I shared last week as well as another dining room chair.

Keeping with the tweed fabric, I found this travel bar – which will either be a home for the girls’ dolls or an explorer kit like this for the boy.
Speaking of dolls, I brought home a mystery bag full of vintage doll clothes. Some I’m not so impressed but others have been a huge hit with Nani – Ironman seems less than amused.
I also found this sweet stuffed rabbit, complete with overalls and a pair of floppy ears. I will note that this is my first stuffed animal ever purchased from a thrift store – I usually panic with the thought of germies – that’s proper terminology there – on them so I quarantined this guy in a plastic bag then gave it a good washing.
At the same estate sale that I found the mid century chair at, I also found a retro alarm clock, two pairs of baby shoes (which look far less pathetic is person), a piece of vintage fabric, a gold clutch, and some Edison-style light bulbs.
Keeping with tradition (we can call it that now, right?) I bought plenty of bargain books, most I found at thrift stores but some I found at garage and estate sales.
This 2001 Household Hints and Dollar Stretchers may just be my favorite, along with the turquoise gardening book.
I’ve upgraded from this pink spray painted elephant to an official brass elephant. #toolegittoquit.
Some other odds and ends I found were a complete set of vintage fondue forks, a blue Pyrex bowl, a cute Tupperware dish, various terracotta pots, and a pair of scissors, which should be on Etsy soon!
I had no idea that this was a sugar dispenser until my grandma identified it for me – thanks Grandma!
Last is this yellow work/desk lamp that I am enamored with. It cost me $5 and is such an upgrade from the clamp lamp I had there previously.
To take a trip down memory lane, here are all of the previous Thrift Store Finds: February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, November Part II, December, January.

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