A Sweater Rug for the Living Room

After a month on back order, our area rug is now here! After much deliberation, we ended up settling on West Elm’s sweater rug in sable; mainly because it is a high quality wool rug in our budget. I had my worries, especially since I hadn’t seen it in person, so waiting a month was painstaking. Thankfully the verdict is in and I love it.

The color is gorgeous – it is neutral like I wanted but still visually interesting – and it’s soft, like, really soft! It sheds as if it were a dog, but that is to be expected with a wool rug.
Even though I love the black shade of this rug, it doesn’t pair well with our still-broken couch. The Sivik Gray is just too blue in comparison. So the only logical thing to do would be to replace the Karlstad covers, right?! I really love Isunda Gray but maybe the less expensive white cover would do, if I could somehow keep it clean.
What the rug does pair well with is our new mid-century dresser, also known as our TV stand. An antique chest was previously holding our television (which you can see here and here) but it was too tall and the drawers were a pain to open, so this is a functional and aesthetic change.
It was also a frugal change, since it was only $45 courtesy of Craig and his list – can you believe it!? Besides the faded laminate top and the ever-so-slightly wobbly legs, it is in near mint condition.
The new rug and dresser is the pushing point to get our living room up to par. I have some small changes in mind that will come as money permits. Things like finding a solution for our desk (read: vanity) dilemma and properly styling our bed are the first things in my sight. Slowly and steadily, I keep telling myself.
So what do you think of the sweater rug? Does bringing something new and pretty in motivate you to change other eye-sores in the room?

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  1. I love it ! It looks really cozy! It's the focal point in the room now, but glad to the color, it won't be a "bug in the eye" if you give the main role to something else like painting or a piece of furniture.

  2. It look really soft! I'll consider buying one for our Master bedroom! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Great photos! You gave me ideas for my bedroom! Thank you!

  4. Great idea!

  5. It would be perfect for a bedroom, it's so cozy!

  6. Thanks!

  7. Hello,
    So interesting idea, perfect for my new home. It looks cozy. It is pleasure for me to see so creative people. Well done Kimberly!
    Best regards,

  8. Great photos! Great Photograph!


  9. Hello everyone,
    In my opinion, the designs are awesome. I am in love with this blog, so many creative ideas <3
    Best wishes

  10. I really love these photo shoots. They recreates the atmosphere.

    Harry M.

  11. Heather says: Reply


    I know this post is from a long time ago, but I was wondering if you experienced issues with this rug shedding. I’m looking to buy a new wool rug from West Elm, but my last one never stopped shedding badly – even a year later!

    Thanks for your insight! Beautiful home 🙂


    1. Hi Heather, it did shed and I ended up selling that wool rug to purchase one that didn’t shed as much. I was worried about the shedding, too. I think the sweater rug specifically is prone to shedding because of the way it is woven.

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