Collected Art Wall

This wall, in my son’s bedroom, used to sport a collected gallery wall which included everything from an octopus to a canvas painting to a Mario mushroom. Once our toddler moved into her little sister’s bedroom, it was time to readdress this wall. After months of hoarding thrifting, I finally assembled this gallery wall.

Collected Art Wall

So mostly everything is from thrift stores or garage sales. The faux-wood seagull was found a year ago in April, the Chinese checkers in August, the round plate was a garage sale find from nearly 3 years ago, the horseshoe magnet was 7 cents at an estate sale, and I brought home the cribbage game (on the left) last October.Even two out of three frames were thrifted and the land survey all glare-y on the right came home with this large map in my living room for $3.

The dulcimer – that neat looking instrument on the left – belonged to my husband’s grandpa; as well as the J.C Deagan dinner chime – which is that wood box above the magnet. The big checkerboard was somehow acquired by my husband, and I have been hanging onto it since the beginning of our marriage.

Collected Art Wall Portrait

The art you see was done by my son – I’m a pretty big fan – and those painted tree rings fit perfectly with them.

I like it much better than the previous arrangement and I think it fits my boy much better as well. Although I’m sure he would vote to add some rocks. What do you think?

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