Green Thumb Festival

I always look forward to the Green Thumb Festival, an event at a local park filled with plant vendors of all sorts, and this year was no different. I had my mind set – since two months ago – to hoard as many houseplants as possible, since mine from last year didn’t survive. Prices are mostly reasonable at the festival ($1 succulents? Yes, please!) and the diversity of plants is hard to find at your big box hardware store.

I noticed so many beautiful shades of pink bougainvilleas; I must have pointed out at least twenty in an attempt to convince my husband our front yard needed some – it was a tough sell. Instead we settled on a red maple tree (for $3!) and another sycamore, since last year’s isn’t looking too great.
The vast variety of cacti also caught my eye this year. My son and I kept going back and forth between which cactus was our favorite. On Saturday, he bought himself two for $1 each and on Sunday he found another one to add to his collection. We also picked up a few of succulents to kill care for. I even splurged for a $2 Spoon Jade succulent.
This year I decided to bring home some air plants. They fit perfectly in these miniature macrame planters from Floraward. I debated not buying them, thinking “I could DIY that, right!?” but let’s be realistic here – I’m a lazy crafter. Plus, $4 for both was pretty enticing.
We also brought home two beautiful orchids, free butterfly flowers, an ivy, and my favorite – a miniature “swiss cheese” plant (it’s the holey one in the picture below).
Now comes the real challenge: keeping all of them alive! I guess it’s time I start reading that thrifted houseplant book. How do you keep your houseplants alive? If you have any tips or tricks, please share!

Psst – read more about the Green Thumb Festival here.

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