Yet Another Chair

Remember that whole no-more-chairs rule I came up with? Yeah, I think it is safe to say it is officially nullified. It was going great, until I drove passed this chair outside of a furniture store. I kept on driving and even made it all the way home. Then a few days went by and I found myself in the area. I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask how much it was being sold for, right? Next thing I know I am driving away with it in my trunk and $5 missing from my wallet.

vintage bentwood chair

You should have seen it in the condition I bought it in. I really should have taken a “before” photo but the moment was right to clean it up and once I started I couldn’t be stopped. It was covered in various colors of paint; blue, pink, green, white, and tan – to name a few. Fine steel wool dipped in water worked like a charm to remove the splatters. I followed up with a paper towel moistened with an all-purpose spray.


I don’t think it is a real Thonet bentwood chair, but it is old. There are metal brackets underneath the seat that say “PAT SEP 22 14” which I’m assuming is a date. With that said, I’m almost certain it is not referring to 2014.


I’m leaning towards leaving it as is but a part of me wants to paint it, or at least part of it (like this). Of course now I am struggling with what to do with my growing collecting of mismatched dining chairs. Do I paint them all one color? Strip the painted ones and stain them? (Stripping paint = the bane of my existence.) Or leave them all as they are?

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