June Thrift Store Finds

I’m ridiculously late sharing my thrift store finds from last month. Can we just blame it on joy filled days like this?

Mostly every time I enter a thrift store, I head straight towards the book section. Sometimes I don’t even bother looking at anything else. I only have eyes for books. My son has become quite the book hunter; we make a good team. The multiple paperback books we found aren’t pictured.


Aside from books, the children hit the toy jackpot last month. These Tinkertoys were only $2.50 and have proven to be popular in our home.


This truck hasn’t received nearly as much attention.  It’s time will come though, I’m sure.


I came across another set of fondue forks. I really don’t need them, but it was hard to say no. So instead I’ll post them on Smithly’s.


I also added to my jar collect – perfect for shaking up caramel iced coffee and housing garden pests – and found these stacking geese measuring cups.


This month I’ve already purchased way too many books but priced at four hardcovers for 50 cents, who am I to resist? What have you been thrifting lately? Too many books? Unnecessary – but totally needed – kitchen gadgets?

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  1. I bought my favorite jacket at a thrift store. It's a mens j crew twill and my husband and I share it 🙂 I roll the sleeves up!

  2. Awesome! I love clothing with multiple uses!

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