This Spring’s Garden

I never thought I would find such joy in gardening. Our tomato hedges came and went and shortly after I tilled the soil for our new fruits and vegetables; watermelon, cucumber, mustard and collard greens (good for mac and cheese!), okra, green beans, tomatoes, onions and plenty more. Each morning the children and I would kill any aphids we set eyes on and overturned many cabbage loopers in the process. It is amusing how interested I was – and still am – in the variety of bugs we saw. Chances are if we’ve had a recent conversation, bugs were in the list of topics.

Soon a lot of plants began to flower but not much came from it. We harvested some okra and green beans but the watermelon and cucumbers were all devoured by fruit flies.
I took these pictures in the garden’s best days; before Summer became unbearably hot and before the pests invaded.
Recently I decided to forfeit and wait until the cooler days of Fall arrive to try again. I’m picturing beets, an abundance of collard greens, and maybe some spinach. I’m choosing to view it as spending my time elsewhere rather than giving up.

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  1. Jackie says: Reply

    Your garden looks so nice and green. Sounds like the bugs thought so too!

  2. Thanks Jackie! It definitely doesn't like that anymore – the bugs like it a bit too much!

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