Replacing Ikea Hardware

I’ve been keeping an eye out for a new bed frame for my son for quite some time. He previously had a bunk bed mattress – from his previous bunk bed – on a metal bed frame. When it came time for an upgrade to a proper mattress, we landed on this foam mattress. That accelerated the need for a bed frame; something that could support a foam mattress without a box spring.

ikea bed
I debated building one but decided that the Fjellse from Ikea for $70 (now $40) was the way to go. However, the night I had planned to make the trip to Ikea to purchase it, a huge thunderstorm rolled in causing me to cancel my trip. The next day, whilst browsing Craigslist I came across the same bed frame for $10. It was missing the hardware and the bed slats, so I managed to bring it home for $8. That thunderstorm saved me $60, praise God!
Then came the hardware debate; I could go to Ikea in hopes of finding the right amount of free hardware, or stop by Home Depot and somehow replace the hardware. I chose the later. Based on the width and depth of the pre-drilled holes, I landed on some hex screws (with the letters ARK on the head). In my opinion, they’re much sturdier than the Ikea hardware would have been.
ikea hardware replace
For the bed slat dilemma I purchased some 1 x 4 furring strips, had them cut to a quarter-inch shorter than the width of the inside of the frame, and fastened them into place with screws.
This room is far from “pinteresting” – I’m looking at you, ratty curtain rods – but it has things my son adores, like his Mario blanket, plenty of books, and his rock collection. Along with a new comfortable bed, what more could a room need?

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  1. Amber W says: Reply

    What all size hex screws did you use? I have the frame and wanted to do the same thing, but wasn’t sure how to judge the size!

    1. I can’t recall the actual size. You ideally want to use some that are as close to but slightly larger than the original holes, this way they will have a tight hold.

  2. Michelle Luna says: Reply

    Qustions about the hardware: Home Depot or Lowe’s? How many? Total cost? I too have this same frame (from Craigslist) without a single piece of hardware, and the nearest IKEA is over an hour way. Plus without a receipt from IKEA I’m not sure they’ll just sell me a set?

    1. I went to home depot and I can’t recall exactly but it did cost less than $10. I hope this helps!

  3. Michelle Luna says: Reply

    Found them! For anyone else who needs exactly this problem solved. I spent a few on the phone with a very nice guy at HD who hunted down the part, it is a lag screw, 5/16″ X 2 1/2″, and the SKU is 655058. You didn’t say how many you used but I’m going to pick up 2 dozen and go from there.

  4. That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing that. I only needed 8 bolts since the bed came with some original bolts. I can see a total of 14 from looking at the bed.

    I’d love to hear how it turns out for you!

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