Dining Table Decisions

Can we talk about our dining room table for a bit? When I first came across this table, I was infatuated. After all, it was a pretty great deal. Since then, I’ve collected (and collected, and collected) more chairs to place around it and we’ve enjoyed many meals at it. I had always planned to replace the tile top with planks of wood, which would definitely be an improvement. However, the more I look at it, the more I realize the legs need some help. A coat of paint would work but that’s the last thing I want to tackle. Just the thought of sanding all of those nooks and crannies makes me tired.


That ultimately led me to the decision to eventually replace it. Either with a charming vintage table, a standard Ikea table, or with a custom table I build. An Ikea Ingo table may be the cheapest route, unless I happen to come across a great deal on a vintage table – which I doubt. Building one may also be inexpensive, and I’d be able to tailor it to our small space. Building one like this looks easy enough – at least I think so – although there’s no promise it wouldn’t collapse mid-meal.


Considering all of this also brings up the decision whether to paint the future table white or leave it in it’s natural glory. I really love wood tables, but would that clash with the mismatched wood chairs? Should I paint the chairs – what a process! – or leave them as is? Some are pretty beaten up and are still sporting hints of paint that was once there; covering them with paint would hide that. However, I spray painted that high chair and that isn’t holding up very well.


I’ve been sitting on these decision for quite a while and haven’t been successful in making any final choices. So what do you think? New table? Vintage, or Ikea? Should I try my hand at building one? Even typing that seems scary. Painted white or wood table? Wood or painted chairs?! If you’re clueless like me, let us pretend these decisions don’t exist and look at pretty yellow flowers. That’s reasonable and responsible, right?

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  1. I bet you could build one. :). Ethan from One Project Closer built a beautiful table.http://www.oneprojectcloser.com/diy-pottery-barn-farmhouse-table/

  2. You should turn it into a raised bed ;P

  3. Thanks for sending that my way!

  4. Or maybe a chicken coop?! 😉

  5. Anonymous says: Reply

    It's a great looking table as it is now! And the charming mismatched chairs are very bistro chic.

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