Taking The Dive


This year we have decided to take the dive into homeschooling. It’s been something that has been on our minds since our son was in first grade. At that point, I was pregnant with our oldest daughter so we decided that it wasn’t the right time. Then, I used the excuse that hey, I’m new at this taking-care-of-a-baby thing. After that, we found out I was pregnant with our second daughter so again, I used the excuse that we’re having another baby as a reason to put off homeschooling another year. When fourth grade rolled around, our son was accepted into a magnet school for math and engineering, so I said hey, we can’t take him away from this awesome opportunity. 

God was really tugging on my heart to bring our son home and I resisted at first – for nearly three years! I convinced myself that I wasn’t ready and maybe next year. Eventually it dawned on me that I may never be ready to homeschool and that now is as good as a time any. The enemy is quick to tell me that I’m not patient enough, I’m not capable, I stink at math! But you know what? I don’t need to be super capable and I don’t need to be great at math. So here’s to taking the dive and praying I can swim – or at least float.

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  1. I hope you love it! We did (most of the time). Two of my favorite homeschool resources-The Sonlight Forums and Penelope Trunk. Penelope writes very candidly about homeschooling-she's new to it and a huge encouragement if you aren't easily offended. The Sonlight Boards are a huge encouragement when you have questions about anything homeschool related. All the best!

  2. Thanks, Jana! I'll check those out.

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