September Thrift Store Finds

There wasn’t much thrift store shopping for me in September. Half of the goods I found were from an estate sale. The children are getting more and more difficult to keep track of in thrift stores – so many nooks to hide in! – and I’ve been opting to bring home less stuff. Anyway, here’s what I found last month.

This copper jelly mold from the thrift store is already in the process of transforming into something new that I’m excited to share with you next week.

vintage copper pan

These Winnie the Pooh toys (also rescued from the pits of a thrift store) are already living the luxurious life of being played with during bath time. And then consequently being left abandoned in the tub each time.

The last thing I found at the thrift store was a Nature Society Book. You know my thing for books. How could I resist?
Besides the thrift store I went to one estate sale in a nice neighborhood. By the time I got there, most of everything was gone. There were beautiful quilts but dishing out $75 for one wasn’t my idea of a good time. Instead, I brought home some other goodies like this adorable vintage apron.
I also found this miniature wood carving of some sort of animal. My first thought was that it was a buffalo. My husband is convinced it is half-chameleon half-bear. I think he may be on to something. What do you think it looks like?
And of course, I bought this vintage Heidi book. This is our third copy but I thought, “hey, why not?” It’s pretty worn but that’s okay, right?
What have you been thrifting lately? Have there been any good estate sales in your town lately?

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