Oh Hey, I’m Pregnant!


I’ve been wanted to scream this from mountaintops for nearly three months but I just couldn’t figure out how to. Crazy, I know. There’s this huge difference in my mind when announcing this sort of news to my family and friends (“So Mom, I’m having a baby!”) and to the internet. I had this urge to announce it in some creative way on the blog. So… here’s my announcing it! Fancy, right?

Now for all the details I’m sure everyone (anyone?) is dying to know. I think I’m more dying to share them, actually. I’m about 15 weeks along and am due at the end of March. The baby is our first to be due in the Spring, which is oddly exciting to me. Morning sickness kicked my behind this time around which explains my absence on the blog and on Instagram. For three months, my children probably watched more Mary Poppins than they have – and most likely, will – in their entire life. All for the sake of rest and uh… things that have to do with morning all day sickness. Chim chim cher-ee, folks.

So that’s been my life lately. Now that I’m feeling much better and we are moving along with construction, I’m excited to get things back in order and enjoy this pregnancy. Because let’s face the facts: cleaning, organizing and enjoying life with intense morning sickness is a little difficult. You know what they say, though – just a spoonful of sugar. (Yep… too much Mary Poppins.)

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