November & December Thrift Store Finds

There hasn’t been much happening in the thrift store department as of late. Pregnancy has pushed me into a sincere decluttering mode and the busyness of life has left little time to spend thrift shopping.

However, I have carved out some time for thrift stores these past two months. Here’s what I managed to drag home.

In November, I bought a decent amount of vintage wood hangers. I’ve always wanted wood hangers so I was pretty excited about this. I don’t remember how many I bought (and I’m not about to go count) but I did get a good deal. Now our sophisticated wood hangers are hanging out with our plastic and metal hangers. And because the worth of a person is obviously based on what type of hangers their clothes sit on, I’d say we’re making progress.


From that same thrift store, I also bought three additional glass pie plates (we now have four) and a vintage puzzle to add to the collection. Reminding myself that the pie plates were a necessary purchase puts my decluttering habits at ease. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, I make at least four pies to bring to dinner. It just makes more sense to spend the money on glass pie plates than to keep re-buying disposable aluminum ones.

I am also pretty sure I brought a book or two home, but I can’t remember which one. Palgrave’s Golden Treasury looks new-ish, so I’ll run with that.


The only thing that I thrifted in December was this Fisher Price Micro Explorer Set. Eliana and I went on a little thrift store shopping date one Sunday when we came across this. I let her hold it around the store even though I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy it. She loved it.

Fisher-Price Explorer Microscope

I noticed the batteries were corroded and weren’t easily removable so I was able to talk the price down from $3 to $1.50. I expressed to Eliana that I wasn’t sure if we would be buying it, so when I eventually told her we would and handed her the money to pay for it, she was ecstatic.

Fisher-Price Explorer Microscope

Since it was before Christmas she kept asking, “Mommy, is this my Christmas present!?!!” the whole way to the car. When we got home I pried the batteries out and cleaned the compartment with a vinegar solution. That seemed to do the trick. I’d consider that a good last thrift store find for 2014, wouldn’t you?

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