Hi, Friday

This week was challenging to handle, to say the least. My brain feels super foggy and I just can’t seem to process anything, which has been leading to mostly chaos. Thankfully, the weather in Florida was wonderful so we were able to spend a lot of time outside while the little one’s ran off all of their endless energy (seriously, where does it come from!?). Needless to say, I didn’t get much done these past five days besides taking down birthday decorations. There may still be three loads of laundry to fold but at least something was done, right?!

minimal decor, indoor plant, eames chair

On the topic of things to do, I have plans to “refresh” one of our bathrooms. It needs paint, a new mirror, and a good dose of shelving. I love this round mirror from Target but it’s too big for the space. This vintage-style mirror (which shares my Grandma’s name) is super sweet but may not work as an official bathroom mirror since it’s so small.

Our daughter’s glasses broke this week so I quickly replaced them during an ongoing BOGO sale at EyeBuyDirect. I purchased the same style that she had before, which is “Little Plato“, one in black and one in the cute floral pattern.┬áIf you are in the market for glasses, use this link for $10 off you’re first purchase (and I’ll get $10 for the next pair of little glasses we need, too!).

Have you seen these animals that were recreated from a 6-year-old’s imagination? They gave us all a good laugh and my children were able to guess every real life counterpart correctly, which led me to appreciate and adore the mind of a child.

My top priority for this weekend is a whole lot of rest and maybe I can squeeze in some costume creating. Hope you have a good one!


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