Inspiration: Shelves

While our new home boasts a lot of space (for us!), it’s seriously lacking in functionality. Out of necessity, I had put up shelves in multiple places in our old house; the bathroom and the living room shelves were used daily, and the toy shelves in the girls’ room were super handy. Now that we barely have any shelves, I’m finding that a lot of our things just don’t have a place. Since things that have no place have a tendency to pile up on any (and every) available surface, the clutter is beginning to be suffocating. Which is why I’ve been busy pinning and planning for shelves to hang, stat.

Design Sponge - Amber Ulmer


Anna Bode Kitchen


sarah sherman samuel


Pavonetti Office of Design


modern macrame


weekday carnival


Although I really like the single lonesome¬†shelf in a lot of these images, to be realistic we’re going to need a wall of shelves (or two) for my book “collecting” habit. I’m hoping to fit in a few loner shelves here or there but want to be careful not to overrun the place with things on every wall. So if you need me, I’ll be standing around staring at the walls in our home brainstorming and daydreaming of neatly organized (and dust free – ha!) shelves.

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  1. Your blog is beautiful! So glad I stumbled upon it! Looking forward to seeing your progress on your home!

    1. Thank you Jessica!

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